Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pony Wall Update, First Coat of Paint

We eventually moved Freedom into the bar, to just make sure she didn't get rained on. This got turtle dove out of the sun and more able to work. 120° days is just soooo overwhelming! Any who, turtle dove was able to get the pony wall finished out by the front door and the hand rail reinstalled.

It's time to get the fridge more permanent but had to get the wall next to it done first! These are just like the cedar planks in the closet, except they're soft wood and longer. You can get this in whole sheets but turtle dove was not confident she could cut it correctly on the curve. Having 3" wide pieces was much easier and faster to install. turtle dove used loctite liquid nails and paneling nails to install it to the 2x4s. The top has the metal tracks so turtle dove used extra glue there and pressed it into the pieces from the other side. After caulking the top and letting it dry for 2 hours, it got it's first coat of green. LOVING the color!!

Happy MRV'ing!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cabinets! Finally!

hahaha as you can see, the fridge got moved back after we were able to pick up the cabinets! turtle dove changes her mind all the time and decided fighting with Daddy over the wiring was just NOT worth it!! So we bought an 18" and a 15" for the fridge side and one of those lazy susan cabinets on the other. They fit perfectly!!!!

Not a lot done today. Those were heavy and exhausting to move in!

Happy MRV'ing!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Flip Flop and Changes

Soon Daddy's not going to be happy cause turtle dove went and flip flopped things around. In all fairness, she's trying to find the perfect fit for everything and when you're going from 3000 sqft to 200 (maybe) ... there's a lot to take into consideration!!

So originally the fridge was on the driver side and turtle dove bought this beautiful antique dry sink to use as counters .. but it's a bit too long to fit between the fridge and the cuddle couch. So turtle dove move the fridge to the other side. The problem with that is ... the plug on that side is not attached to the inverter, which means, Daddy will have to run new wire. Yep! Daddy's NOT going to like that 😁

This shows the space left over by the shower wall. When the fridge was there, the wall is covered completely up. Not sure if we're liking this either though. *sigh*

The toilet also got moved. It was originally on the other side with the "closet" but then the room was toooooo small and we had to take into account of Daddy being in there and Daddy is a BIG man! He needs a lot more room. So, this is where the toilet ended up!

Finally got around to taking a picture of the power box. It's in the very back and won't be seen after the wall is installed over the bed. The only problem with that is, if we DO flip a breaker, we have to go all the way around to the back to fix it. But ...there was just no other place that turtle dove liked it.

We just go soooo much done the last few days! Daddy got the power ran so that turtle dove can move out of the yucky metal building that was making her so sick! That cable right there cost almost $500 *faint* but we have 50 AmP ran to Freedom! Yay!!!

Happy MRV'ing!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rain and Leaks!

Urg! We never get rain here in west Texas but bam! RAIN ... and what comes with rain? Leaks ... those pesky, didn't want to get rid of, escape hatches got to go!

It's NOT pretty but will have to do until Daddy can pull those hatches and replace them with the metal turtle dove bought. 2 sheets of 16 gauge and 2 sheets of 18 gauge cost $80. That's a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing the hatches!

turtle doves son was gracious and came over to help get the tarps on before it rained more ... he had to take his Superman pose ROFL

Happy MRV'ing!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Light Work ...

turtle dove has been sick a few days, so working on the bus has been slow. she did get the windows to the closet covered up. Our clothes are going to be in there and the sun can be so damaging! This is a close up of how she covered the ones in the shower area too ... quite simple and works. The glass is still on the outside until Daddy decides to take them out and cover the whole with sheet metal. turtle dove draws the line at working on the outside!! LOL

The hallway is completed covered. The piece of tile on the floor is to make sure that she left a gap for the flooring. ALMOST forgot LOL

Poor Daddy! He's all tuckered out!! After getting he lights ran LOL isn't he adorable!!

These are those cedar planks you get at the big box hardware stores. Usually, you cover drywall with them but these actually made up the wall to our closet. They smell amazing and are just beautiful! Can't wait to get the shower done so turtle dove can cover the other wall! Gosh ... getting SO close!

Happy MRV'ing!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Just Busing Along ...

Freedom looks like a war zone, quite literally! Everything is just everywhere!

The good new is, Daddy got to come home today and he replaced all the lights with new LEDs! turtle dove is uber excited about having DC lights that can actually be turned off and on LOL

The hallway wall has been completely covered in pallet wood. We bought this at Home Depot prestained. By the time we bought a planer and everything we needed to use refurbished pallets, we ended up paying less buying to pre done AND it's lighter. turtle means, 3-4 weight as much as one pallet piece ... So this made more sense and it's done. Just cut to size, glue, screw and call it a day!

Got the shower valve mounted and in place so that the plywood could be cut to fit. Everything is coming together! Slowly, but with just turtle dove doing the work most of the time, it's really not that bad!

Happy MRV'ing!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Beautiful APARTMENT Sized Fridge

After much descussion and LOTS of debating, we decided on the Whirlpool 10.7-cu top freezer in steel :) The only one that had it was Lowes, so we purchased it online for about $448. It came with free shipping and delivery!

The plug is right behind it and attached to the inverter so that it runs, even going down the road! That way, we can take Freedom to buy groceries and load them up right away!

Thanks to turtle dove's lovely, further son-in-law for coming over to help load it onto Freedom!! 💋

Happy MRV'ing!!